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Hello, I am VAIBHAO currently based in Nagpur, India.

I'm Still A Hacker. I Get Paid For It Now. I Never Received Any Monetary Gain From The Hacking I Did Before. The Main Difference In What I Do Now Compared To What I Did Then Is That I Now Do It With Authorization..

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About My Self

My Life Motto Is I Do My Best, So That I Can't Blame Myself For Anything.

I Spent The Last Eight Years Developing My Computer Skills As Cyber Security Professional, So I Try To Keep It Real. I Don't Have Time To Worry About, What I'm Projecting To The World. I'm Just Busy Being Myself.

I Spending Too Much Time To Develop, Analyze, Testing - Web Application, Network, Server Security As Good Attention. A Good Portion Of My Day Analyzing Security Architecture, Web Application, Network Protocols. Also I Providing Training On Ethical Hacking, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigating, Developing Web Applications.

I Completed Certification In Ethical Hacking, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Encryption Specialist , Licensed Penetration Tester, Information Systems Security Professional, Security Analyst, Security+, CISSP, CISM, CISA, SSCP, ECSA, OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, OSEE, OSWE and Much More.

My Skills

Developing, Testing - Web Application. Writing Exploits, Viruses.

Web Application Penetration Testing/ Devloping 80%
Client-Side Testing 70%
Network/ Server Penetration Testing 60%
Linux/ Windows Server Administration 83%
Ruby/ Python Programming 85%
Malware Analysing/ Exploit Writing 75%

Media Strategy

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Interface Design

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Mobile App

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My Experiences

Previous companies and my tasks

HackForums.Me 2014 Jul - Present

Phoenix Cyber Secure (Fraud) 2016 Aug - 2017 Nov

What to tell about the company

I worked for 1 year, but that company was a fraud

GuruPush Computer Academy 2015 Aug - 2016 Jul

As Computer Instructor, I teach There Programing Hardware Networking To Noobs.

My Education

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Bachelor of Engineering 2014 May

Get Addmission In B.E., Rajasthan Open University, India, IN Cyber Security, Distance Learing.

Master in science 2017 Jan

Get Addmission In MS, Ec- Council University, USA, IN Cyber Security, Distance Learing

Bachelor of Commers 2010 May - Present

Last 7 Year Not Completed My Bachelor Degree


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“Greatness Can Be Contagious, But First There Must Be Contact.”

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